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  • Conservative Christians Stumble at Their God-Given Freedom

    Conservative Christians Stumble at Their God-Given Freedom

    The Coronavirus COVID-19  temporarily closed down the world.  As spring arrived, huge sectors of the population became restless and irascible.  Young and old longed for contact with people outside their household.     Unfortunately,  many “not grown-ups” habitually came out all over the country in rebellion against measures proven to deter the spread of the virus.  […]

  • Was Judas Right?

    Was Judas Right?

    My mother bought home the boxed set, black and impressive containing the rock opera album musical released in 1970.  We were traditional evangelicals unsure of the relevance of the newly invented genre “rock opera”.  What did Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber know about Jesus and why would they call him a superstar?  We listened […]

  • Kingdom Wealth

    First in a series – HumilityMy journey has led me to examine my own sense of humility.  How have I moved toward servanthood and away from self-serving interests?  How have I looked to devolve from the arrogance admired and emulated by the world?  Philippians 2:3-4   [AMP] 3D Fantasy Castle by Mika 3 Do nothing […]