Category: Faith

  • Martin Luther King Day 2014

      From Martin Luther King’s “Loving Your Enemies” Sermon taken from Strength to Love copyright 1963. “An even more basic reason why we are commanded to love is expressed explicitly in Jesus’ words, ‘Love your enemies . . . that ye may be called children of your Father which is in heaven.’ We are called […]

  • Waiting with Stones

    In the life of every Christian there will come tests and challenges of the faith that we have confessed. How convinced are we that there is an answer to our problem? Is God really going to provide? There are even answers in His word that confirm his will and desire to provide. But these answers […]

  • The Word, The Revealed [Rhema] Word and Reality Exposed

    The Word of God is alive; sharper than a two-edged sword but is it really true? What is truth? Is the Bible really relevant? What do you believe – what are you willing to believe? Jonah and the whale? [This must be a biblical fairy tale] Dinosaurs – they’re not really in the Bible, so […]