Category: Persecution

  • The Kingdom of this World Hates You Part II

    The kingdom of this world hates you and will treat you badly and our understanding of this in the United States is limited and full of denial.  Here is one article about how the persecution is growing: Here is the list of the 50 countries worldwide that are persecuting Christians: I was surprised to see […]

  • Conflict Coming?

    Do you have an important meeting, interview, conflict coming soon?   The most important preparation you can do is through prayer.  I mentioned this to a friend who replied “I can’t even get myself in the frame of mind to pray for that person right now.     It’s not always easy, but these are […]

  • Persecution in America?

    I choose not to name the author of this article although if you are resourceful and search for the author, you will certainly find him.  I would not like to be deemed a plagiarist and the following passage is not mine but it did inspire me to write the passage that follows it called My […]