Category: Religious Right

  • Why Christian Nationalism is Both Heretical and Non-Scriptural

    The so-called Christian Nationalist movement has no actual foundation for existence short of embodying the metaphorical “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. This movement only seems to be embraced by a small number of followers, but that number could be increasing. According to the Washington Post, Christian Nationalism is an ideology that says Christianity is the foundation […]

  • The Man in the Voting Line [I wanna know what love is pt. 3]

    My wife was skeptical from the first minute since the man was not wearing a mask.  I checked the crowd to see who was missing a mask.  No one was.  Then I decided to ask if this guy had a mask to wear.  I sincerely wanted to convey good will as a first impression to […]

  • The Religious Right is Scared

    The writer of their article published by the Daily Beast unknowingly got it half right for reasons the writer couldn’t have known.  In order to sell magazines and papers the American press has leaned in the direction of sensationalism.  An article reporting on the decline in church attendance in America is not news. An editor […]