Category: Spiritual Warfare

  • Essential Knee-ology

    The Offensive Pre-emptive Strategy used against the adversary to thwart plans and options.  This strategy is advised throughout the Word of God but our very nature and emotional makeup keep us from using this viable and reliable tactic. A passage that us oft used to extend the metaphor of warfare as the way of life […]

  • The Word, The Revealed [Rhema] Word and Reality Exposed

    The Word of God is alive; sharper than a two-edged sword but is it really true? What is truth? Is the Bible really relevant? What do you believe – what are you willing to believe? Jonah and the whale? [This must be a biblical fairy tale] Dinosaurs – they’re not really in the Bible, so […]

  • My, How You’ve Grown

    Text: I John 2:12-14 In business, in politics, in any number of human endeavors we work to gauge our progress, our attainment, and our achievement. Many examine bank statements, time measurement, games won, awards garnered and other means by which we determine improvement. Do we do so in spiritual matters? Is there a way that […]