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  • Pretty is . . .

    Pretty is . . .

    My grandmother had lots of maxims.  Some might call them proverbs or wise sayings.  She shared them with my mother who would then share and explain them to us kids.  We would hear them and they were part of us but we as with all things of value, they needed to stay with us for […]

  • Conflictual


                 People who don’t know the Lord lose perspective as they navigate life’s conflicts.  We often conflict with others including bosses, card playing buddies, or even mothers-in-law.  Conflict often arises with circumstances beyond our control with work issues, traffic, the economy or the lack (or overabundance) of rain.  Finally, we […]

  • The Faith of the Magi

    I saw the sign today “Wise Men still seek Him” and since I aspire to be wise, I took note.  I did some research on the Magi and one writer says that they may have been inspired by Daniel’s text and even Balaam’s prophesy that a star would come out of Jacob.  “We know that […]

  • Religious Freedom Reformation in Indiana!!

    As an Indiana native I am enthralled by the political nightmare Mike Pence and the Indiana political bureaucracy has created for itself.  The Religious Freedom act was created to protect business-owners from lawsuits against them for providing services to individuals to whom providing such would contradict the providers religious beliefs.     That being said, […]

  • Check out my other Blog!

    The other blog is called: Probity, Poetry, Prose, Photog, Polity, Passion [6P]  {} and it attempts to speak to the arts and sciences represented above.  Pop by for a visit when you can . . .    

  • Not Just a Baby . . . (Christmas 2013)

    How amazing it is that Christ, after spending eternity with the Father took on this frail flesh and suffered the outright humiliation of being born not only with the limitation of being a human, but in the primitive ancient town of Bethlehem.  It is imperative that while we celebrate His being with us, that we […]

  • Guest Blogger Ann-Marie Brewer – God Always Responds With a Promise

    My special guest blogger is Ann-Marie Brewer, an author, a mother and a gifted, experienced child of the King! She has a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University. She along with her husband, Darryl earned a second BA from Metropolitan School of Theology. Ann and Darryl are proud parents to a blended family […]

  • Samson – Judge/Man of God or sloppy victim of his appetites?

    Samson was the judge of Israel for 20 years. He is a not-so-popular subject of Sunday sermons where he is often torn down for languishing in the lap of Delilah and sharing the secret of his strength. If he was such a victim of his lust and appetite for Philistine women, why did the writer […]

  • A Christmas Story for 2012

    It’s so incredible to consider that before the beginning of John the Baptist’s ministry there had not been an inspired word from the Lord for more than 400 years.  It was as if the heavens were shut down.  This is a Christian credo that some may dispute but it is marked by the end of […]

  • Review of John Bevere’s “The Bait of Satan”

    Dear Readers,  I apologize for being silent for so long.  I was in process of writing a follow-up to “Rock of Offense” when my pastor shared a book called The Bait of Satan.  I recommend this book highly and offer a very brief summary that describes Mr. Bevere’s approach to this vital subject . I do […]