Category: Wisdom

  • Where is the Wise Leader We Need in America Today?

      In this season of elections, candidates are trying to convince us that their characteristics are worthy of our vote.  Are they portraying the kind of wisdom we need in this time of history? What is the Wisdom from Heaven? James 3:17 is the Bible verse that describes wisdom from heaven.  The description breaks down […]

  • Open the Door – Part II

    This is the second of a two-part series describing comments by an unbeliever. This entry attempts to explain why human reasoning is of no effect to explain why we believe what we believe. The natural man cannot understand spiritual things.  [1 Cor 2:14]  It is that simple.  Natural men, philosophers, and those supposed harbingers of […]

  • For this cause we pray . . . (Part 2)

    Colossians 1:9-11 The Apostle Paul’s prayer to the church at Colosse included his interest in providing support for all that they needed to have to be empowered for ministry. It doesn’t appear that he had visited Colosse when he wrote the epistle since he tells Philemon of his hope to visit it upon being freed […]