People who don’t know the Lord lose perspective as they navigate life’s conflicts.  We often conflict with others including bosses, card playing buddies, or even mothers-in-law.  Conflict often arises with circumstances beyond our control with work issues, traffic, the economy or the lack (or overabundance) of rain.  Finally, we face conflict in the daily effort to achieve finances that include the press of competition, access to commodities, and ill will due to greed.

Conflicts face forward and confront obstacles that impede progress.  The world teaches that we should pin our ears back and stare until we beat these obstacles.  Face-to-face confrontation forces us to look at the obstacle and measure up to it.  This is the perspective by which the battles are lost.  Simply put, by looking at the obstacle, it’s easy to be overwhelmed looking squarely at it.  The devil is in the detail as you scan every nuance and distortion seeming amplified and bigger than life.
No one feels comfortable confronting their obstacle alone no matter what the old school conquistadors have to say.  There are those who say that seeking help from God is a cheat, the real fighter does battle alone. How ironic does the Apostle Paul appear when he says “ . . . when I am weak, then am I strong (II Cor. 12:10 ) 
Being aligned and allied with God allows me to see everything from its proper prospective.  I see my boss, mother-in-law, the economy and even the country’s problems in light of the Lord’s ruling presence.  He shows me the people, the bills, the floods and storms of this life and reassures me that even with them all,  He will NEVER leave me alone to deal with them. I am not overwhelmed by circumstances, because I am not alone. 

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  1. Bless you for this reminder of the proper order of things. The right perspective makes all the difference.

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