Repentance Part 1

Smith’s Bible Dictionary defines repentance as:” a change of mind with sorrow for something done, and a wish that it was undone”.  There is not much talk about repentance these days as if the word is suddenly irrelevant. The real danger is that we think we know repentance but in reality, perhaps we don’t.   
I have frequently said that man is a spirit, he owns a soul and lives in a physical body.  That soul contains three parts, the mind, will and emotions.   As we reflect upon the definition above, it speaks to changing the mind or thinking differently about one’s sin along with sorrow (a different emotional state).  This could lead to a disconnect between those who are more emotional versus those who are more thoughtful. 
I believe it is God who actually allows us to change our mind about our failures and shortcomings [our sins] and then to feel sorrowful or regretful about them.  I know that I may feel justified in getting my own vengeance, or spouting off angrily or doing something that isn’t right (according to me).  Although I feel justified, I need to repent, I need a change of mind or I will keep doing and thinking the same way.  This is a problem.
An old adage is: “what were once vices are now habits” meaning even though I didn’t intend to, I have continued on my way quite possibly without remorse or a sense of wrong. This deadly cycle continues unabated until I come to a place of genuine repentance.  
[to be continued]

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