Breaking: COVID-19 and Sensationalism! Really?

My In-laws sent me a link from that piqued their interest. They asked me to watch and provide an opinion. The article is named “Breaking Coronavirus & Prophesy: Pope’s Big October Surprise is Coming”.
I am admittedly a protestant and humbly desire Christian fellowship with Catholic brethen while having serious questions about their dogma and beliefs. Notwithstanding, researching the video exposed the posting entity: Amazing Prophecies. The name gives me pause. The host, an evangelist named Mark Fox from the Dallas area, facilitates the video.  

Mr. Fox walks through several points in the 50+ minute video including:

A discussion on why Pope Francis  believes we have the Coronavirus Pandemic.  According to the Pope, the Pandemic has occurred because Nature is angry

The Pope postponed a meeting he had previously scheduled for May to October where there could be a prophetic announcement

The Pope has created a “false Sabbath” as he has implored people to take Sunday off rather than work 7 days a week.

Mr. Fox’s questions the Pope’s premise on the Sabbath rest

The first thing to say about social media is that the creators of media aspire to create and certify as much viewership as possible which, over time, translates to money and/or clout. The point is that some purveyors of media do so to simply hear themselves talk – a vain and vacuous motive.

The explanation provided by the Pope that nature’s anger spurred the pandemic is ludicrous. Mr. Fox does explain by saying there will be end time woes. The remaining question is, who is this entity called nature? The bible does not ascribe a personality or character to God’s created work. It plainly says “all things were created for His pleasure.” [Rev. 4:11] The creation is not likely to rebel or protest by disrupting other parts of creation. What would there be to gain? There is no agent by which this could happen.
The last point made is that of the “false Sabbath” which Mr. Fox takes considerable time to argue that the Catholic church declares that it changed to Sabbath to Sunday in its Eucharist literature. Unfortunately, it is written in the book of Acts, that the disciples began meeting on the first day of the week. He then spends the rest of the video preaching a sermon about how the Sabbath (Saturday) is the lawful day of worship and how the Catholic and other churches are wrong about Sunday worship. It should be mentioned that an exhaustive and thorough explanation of the tradition of worship on Sunday is here:

This point becomes the finale for the video except for more mentions of the Mark of the Beast book and requests to spread the word about the video. Mr. Fox explained that the video needs to be viewed by millions so that the millions can be prepared for the actual Mark of the Beast [a sign of the pending return of Christ Jesus]. There is noting that is starkly wrong here; we just doubt the motive and the sensationalism is offensive. As Paul said, 16-17 So don’t put up with anyone pressuring you in details of diet, worship services, or holy days. All those things are mere shadows cast before what was to come; the substance is Christ. [Col 2:16-17 MSG]

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