This Day {we pray} . . .

Father God;

We praise and thank you for your Almighty power and Omniscient grace that allowed us to see this day . . .

This day when rescuers search for survivors in a South Florida building collapse

This day when several states in the west are experiencing severe heat and desperately need your rain

This day when Derek Chauvin is sentenced – we do not celebrate his guilt or his punishment.  We wait in hope that those guilty of similar deeds are convicted by your Spirit and forbidden from doing similar deeds.

This day when political and cultural leaders are in conflict with no real relief in sight. 

Lord, let your Spirit move on our country to calm us, and let us see your arm working to work our your will. 

This day when there is war, famine and disaster across the world – we beg your mercy and grace in the Name of Jesus.   For you mercy endures forever!!

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