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Worthy is the Lamb

What makes him so worthy  (valuable, desirable, admirable)?  An analysis taken from Romans 4, Philippians 2, Isaiah 52 & 53, Revelation 4,

He was the concept {logos} that:
conceived it all
created it all
was born for all
endured it all
was beaten for all men
crucified for all men
gave up His life
and because of his humility (attitude & purpose)
even though he was architect and creator, he denied his deity . . . 

He gave up his life, not for good people,
but for horrible, sinners such as we were

He suffered so much that he became an object of horror; many were astonished at his appearance.

And because he suffered such a death, God has exalted him and gave him a name above every name.

So that the twenty-four elders, dressed in white, surrounding the very throne of God, fall before him in worship, casting their own golden crowns before the throne.

They are not worthy, though they sit about the throne of all creation.
He alone is worthy, he is brought as a lamb for the slaughter, but he created all things and by his will were all things created.

He alone is worthy of all honor, glory and majesty.
Worthy, Worthy