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Eat, Pray, Worry?

I don’t remember where this saying came from.  Shortly after I received it, it became a sort of mantra.  I quote it to my favorite worry warts hoping that they would get it too.  The saying is “If you’re going to pray don’t worry and if you are going to worry, DON’T PRAY.

I say this after a conversation  with a friend who admitted being afraid for the outcome of the election.  He is worried about the ramifications if the wrong person is elected.  I am concerned, not so much about the outcome of the election but about the state of the country.  What we are thinking, feeling and how it is shaping our behavior and values across communities and cities nationwide.  [More about that soon]

But I am not worrying.  For a refresher on what worry is about, see  Quiet 2

A message poignant for today’s audience and Boomers like me comes from Pastor Andy Stanley: