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Now Faith Is . . .

A dear friend of mine shared that many of my blog articles discuss topics beyond her understanding in the Christian faith. She was looking for material that would provide an introduction to important subject matter. I am beginning a series called “In Beginnings” that I hope will fit this needed niche.

The first miracle detailed as part of the Christmas story describes the teen-aged Mary who after hearing the news from the angel Gabriel that she was chosen to bear a son who would be called “Son of the Most High”. He also said Christ would take on David’s throne, a most daunting statement.

Her reaction to hearing this audacious pronouncement was ” . . .be it unto me according to thy word” [Luke 1:38 KJV].  Her reaction was not contrary, but fully engaged with what she heard. Mary acknowledged this even though the Lord had not interacted in the earth for 400 years.  Mary hears this and responds that she is readily available to receive this great blessing with no equivocation. 

There are many accounts of people hearing a word from God and responding not only affirmatively but in a way that disregards common knowledge to comply and as a result were immeasurably blessed. 

What do you believe?

Another example and a favorite similar circumstance is recounted in Matthew 17 where Jesus directs Peter to go to the lake and throw in a hook. “cast a hook, and pull in the first fish that bites. Open its mouth and you’ll find a coin. Take it and give it to the tax men. It will be enough for both of us.” [Matthew 17:27b MSG.]

Jesus had proven himself to Peter.  I wonder if I would faithfully follow His direction or if I would let doubt and unbelief rule the day: “So we could both get locked up if I don’t catch the ‘right’ fish? What if I don’t go to the spot you have in mind?  Do I have the right bait?”

Unlikely as it was, Peter caught the fish and the coin was in its mouth.

We often overthink our faith dilemmas.  We feel led to respond and as we do, second guesses and unbelief steal our victories.  It’s important to get counsel and encouragement from other believers.  It is likely that those who give you counsel and encouragement are in your life for that reason. In addition, the Bible, the Word of God is the final authority on how we proceed in this present world.