Not Just a Baby . . . (Christmas 2013)

How amazing it is that Christ, after spending eternity with the Father took on this frail flesh and suffered the outright humiliation of being born not only with the limitation of being a human, but in the primitive ancient town of Bethlehem.  It is imperative that while we celebrate His being with us, that we contemplate the sum of his work.  It is true that we may not know the whole sum of his work for some time to come, but the revelation of what his work of salvation means is still staggering.  
So when we get enticed to consider his birth (and coinciding celebration) outside of the context of his life, ministry and creation of the Kingdom. We are missing it.  We are told he was slain before the foundation of the world so when he was born, his work of salvation was already complete!!
His architecture and creation of Kingship and Kingdom are masterful and profound.  As we learn minuscule portions of his creation and how minute changes in DNA create everything we see.  How the his spirit permeates the entire world at this time of year and unwittingly even those who refuse to accept him are affected.  These are the absolute shadings of how Great He is and that he is not just a man and he was not just a baby.  As the songwriter said: Sweet Little Jesus Boy, we didn’t know who you were . . . 
I have been in worship enjoying Fred Hammond’s song “Not Just A Man”  that says it better than these few words:
Merry Christmas All!!

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