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David – Idyllic King or Myth? {Part 1}

One of the most time-consuming tasks required to complete a written piece is researching the historical context and gathering details that confirm the story.  In order to compose this piece one needs to compare the opinions of secular historians and biographers to those who might describe themselves as “Rhema-inspired” writers working as they sense what the Spirit has told them about the subject at hand.  The secular sources tend to find the course of events confusing due to the fact that their spiritual insight is lacking. 

Historians and secular biographers question whether David actually lived primarily because there is no physical evidence that he lived.  I have four books in front of me referencing the ancient king of Israel. The books written by secularists question whether he lived. So then, even with the legendary ‘David/Goliath’ story ever-present as well as Psalm 23, the call for physical, anthropological evidence continues. 

As a believer, I concede that the evidence may be lacking, but as I read Psalms ascribed to David, I am convinced that he had visions of the dynasty of Christ, his life and his crucifixion.  You only need to read Psalm 22:12-21 to sense the peril of Christ as he was crucified. Or Psalm 16:8-11 to know the meditations of his heart.

These writings were provided by the Holy Spirit proving that the hand of God was fully functioning in the lives of David and others and illustrating lessons we can learn as the Apostle Paul references in I Corinthians 10:11-12.

Still, many of David’s actions and King Saul’s actions examined without context appear haphazard.  The historians and biographers cannot make sense of events like David’s dance before the Lord [II Samuel 6:14-22] or the divine directives to eradicate entire armies or cities.  The Bible documents our God’s dealings with men from the beginning. It is not meant to be historically accurate, nor can it be verified empirically.  Its purpose is to deliver God himself via wisdom, history, judgment, instruction as provided by His Spirit.   The Bible can be read literally, but many insights can be misinterpreted as they are meant to be believed, but not proven. 

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Emmaus Encounter

The 24th chapter of Luke’s gospel tells the story of the resurrection. After the crucifixion and the discovery that Jesus’ body was missing, the disciples and followers of Jesus were at a loss.  They witnessed with horror and amazement the cruel torture of capital punishment.  They must have wondered why their friend and brother was singled out to receive 39 lashes along with ridicule and a crown of thorns. Why were his hands and feet nailed to the cross unlike others condemned to death?
His body was missing and everyone from the territorial governor to the disciples wanted to know what had happened. Luke’s narrative cuts to two of Jesus followers traveling on the road to Emmaus, about an 8 mile journey from Jerusalem. 
The first follower named Matthias said “Jesus came to my village in Bethany and touched me and broke my fever. Now he’s dead. Now, I can’t stop crying” 
Cleopas then said  “I heard him upon the mount, there were so many people who were moved by what he said. We all knew that he was a prophet sent from God.  When you consider all he did, the miraculous power and the grace of loving all those people.   But he could not have been messiah if they killed him just like that!”
Matthias then said “You say that but you clearly claimed that John the Baptist was a prophet and he was beheaded like a common thief!”
Cleopas replied  “I know that John was a prophet, I sat with hundreds listening to him, but this Jesus . . .”
Then Jesus began walking with them – but they were prevented from recognizing him.
He asked “What are you spending your walk arguing about?”
Cleopas asked exasperated  “Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who hasn’t heard what has been happening?”
“What has been happening?”  Jesus asked
Cleopas began “Jesus of Nazareth, a prophet mighty in word and deed was condemned to death by the chief priests and rulers and crucified.  We  had hoped that he would free Israel from being held by Rome.  Now that 3 days have gone by some women in our group went to the sepulcher and say that his body is missing.  They said they saw a vision of angels who told them He is alive.”
Jesus then said “You foolish people! You find it so hard to believe all that the prophets wrote in the Scriptures. Wasn’t it clearly predicted that the Messiah would have to suffer all these things before entering his glory?”
Then He began with Moses and continued, prophet by prophet, explaining the meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures, showing how they were talking about the very things that had happened to Jesus  . . . . 

As they neared their destination, Jesus would have continued walking but they asked him to stay at their place.  As they prepared to eat, Jesus broke the bread and immediately they recognized him and he then vanished right before them!

They then said to themselves, “didn’t our hearts burn as he explained the scriptures to us . . . “

Predictions Concerning Christ 

Christ will be seed of woman Gen 3:15
Priest after the order of Melchizadek Gen 3:15
Christ as Lamb of God Gen 3:15
Brazen serpent [Christ lifted up] Num 21:9
Cursed is he that hangs on a tree Deut 21:23
Nathan as in I Samuel
David’s seed with everlasting kingdom 2:Sam 12, 13
Christ will not see corruption Psa 16:10
Forsaken because of the sins of others Psa 22
darkness at Calvary Psa 22
Pierced his hands and feet Psa 22
No bone broken Psa 34:21
Hated without a cause Psa 35:19
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God Isa 9:6
The Light [salvation] of the gentiles Isa 42:6
Thought to be cursed by God Isa 53:4
Oppressed and afflicted Isa 53:7
Silent before accusers Isa 53:7
Killed for the sins of the world Isa 53:8
Born in Bethlehem Mic   5:2